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Seb Grant Replies To “Weed-4-Life”

Not long ago this guy emailed me…

Here’s his email:

“Hey Seb.

I’ve watched all of your videos and it got me thinking. I hate them. Why do you act like people want to quit weed I mean this ain’t cocaine dude.

I am 100% sure there is absolutely nobody out there that wants to quit smoking weed. I smoke all day and still go to school and get almost straight As. How you explain that?


I decided to reply via video:

How Smart People Get Addicted To Weed, Alcohol & Gambling

People with ‘intelligence’ are very often the subject of psychological addiction.


To find out, we must define what intelligence is.

Because I’ll bet, you are judging your ‘smarts’ by your logic – which is only half the story. This video explains how even smart people can easily get addicted:

I was addicted to weed…

Then I learned to gain control.

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Why Is Quitting Weed Difficult?

Teenagers often explain to me:

“weed is as addictive as a lollipop”

– something like that, anyway…

I get the point. I used to feel exactly the same way. So in this video, I quickly talk about how psychological addiction applies to smoking weed:

So why do you keep smoking weed if this is not such a “physically addictive” drug?

Why, exactly?

Hopefully, this video clears the smoke…

If you have a psychological addiction to anything – it can seem complicated

Most people agree with that.

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60 Reasons To Quit Weed

Sometimes I’m asked:

“What are the benefits of quitting weed after so many years?”


“EXACTLY what will improve if I stick this out?”

I like these questions.

You just want confirmation, right?

So that’s why I made this double video. You don’t need to relate everything in this video to get something out of it. This list could serve as motivation, if nothing else…

This is 60 reasons off the top of my head why you should quit smoking marijuana.

Part One

Part Two

I hope that helps you.

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